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When it comes to coronavirus (COVID-19), the safety of our OBGYN patients remains a top priority. As such, we are offering access to some of Utah's highest-rated OBGYNs and midwives from the comfort and safety of your own home. That means many of your prenatal visits can be conducted from your smartphone, tablet or home computer.

We continue to take every necessary precaution to ensure the safety of both you and your baby in our clinic and at the hospital. The anticipation of your new arrival should be an exciting time. We hope the ability to meet with your OBGYN or midwife remotely will help relieve some of the stress you may be encountering in regards to your pregnancy.

MountainStar OBGYN services and MountainStar Medical Group have a women’s health clinic near you. We offer board certified OBGYN physicians and Certified Nurse Midwives across the Wasatch Front, including clinics in Salt Lake City, Draper, Bountiful, Logan, Brigham City and North Utah County.

Whether you are looking for an OBGYN or midwife to deliver your baby or a women’s health provider for an annual exam, minimally-invasive hysterectomy or for support through menopause, we have the right women’s health physician for you.

MountainStar OBGYN clinics offer highly-rated providers, online scheduling, extended clinic hours to fit your busy schedule and a personalized birthing experience. We offer childbirth education along with the highest-quality pregnancy treatment.

Based on our online reviews, we have some of the best OBGYN and midwives in Utah! Schedule today!

Remote OBGYN visits available

Learn about remote OBGYN appointments

A remote prenatal visit allows you to meet with your physician through a secure video chat. That means you don’t have to come into the office for every visit and can instead conduct your visit from the comfort of your home, office or other more convenient location.

Most women who are not considered high-risk will be eligible for remote prenatal visits. However, our number one priority is making sure that you and your baby are safe throughout your pregnancy. Your physician will help you determine your eligibility during your first few in-office visits. A detailed list of conditions and circumstances that may exclude you from participating in remote prenatal visit is available with our office.

To conduct some of the required tests remotely, you will need to have access to a special at-home kit. This will be a one-time $125 charge or a rental fee of $25 per month

There is no extra cost for your actual visit. A remote visit will be included in the regular prenatal care fees just as if you were coming to the office.

Arrangements have been made with the Meds in Motion Pharmacy to assemble and keep OBGYN telehealth kits in stock for our patients. Your provider will create a prescription for the telehealth kit in one of your initial office visits that will then be sent to the pharmacy to fill. Meds in Motion Pharmacy can deliver the kit directly to your home free-of-charge or can be picked up at one of the Meds in Motion Pharmacy locations along the Wasatch Front.

Your at-home kit will allow you to take your blood pressure, weight, fetal heart tones, fundal height measurements and a urine sample remotely. Your provider and the clinical staff will assist you with how to use the equipment properly.

The at-home kit is extremely easy to use. For a step-by-step breakdown on using your at-home kit, please see the at-home kit instruction sheet provided with the kit.

For further assistance, you can reach a member of the clinic staff by calling the main clinic number.

You can connect to your remote visit from any device that has a web camera, including your cell phone, laptop, home computer or other device.

You will receive an e-mail that will give you further instructions on how to connect to your telehealth visit over our secure remote telehealth platform. Prior to the visit, a staff member will connect with you to make sure that you are setup to have a worry-free remote visit with your provider.

Our number one priority is the health and safety of you and your baby. Your OBGYN will work with you to make sure that your baby is safe during each of your visits, whether in-clinic or remotely. If at any time your pregnancy becomes “high-risk” or there is any doubt about the safety of your baby, all prenatal visits will then be conducted in-office.

You are always able to discontinue remote visits and come to the clinic for prenatal exam instead if for any reason you feel more comfortable seeing your provider in-person.

Your virtual visits with your provider is private and protected by industry-leading, HITECH and HIPAA compliant technology to ensure healthcare regulations and requirements for protecting sensitive patient information is preserved. Your virtual visit is conducted in real-time and is never recorded.

Please reach out directly to the clinic of your preferred OBGYN provider with questions about your remote visit or to reschedule.

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