Gynecologic oncology care in Salt Lake City, Utah

We offer complete, compassionate diagnostic services, treatment options and recovery care for women with reproductive cancers. Our services include everything from digital imaging to advanced robot-assisted surgery, ensuring you get the comprehensive, high-quality care you need and deserve.

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Types of gynecologic cancer

Gynecologic cancers occur in the female reproductive system. Although these cancers occur in a confined area of the body, they have different symptoms and require different diagnostics and treatments.

These cancers include:

  • Cervical cancer (of the cervix)
  • Ovarian cancer (of the ovaries)
  • Uterine cancer (of the uterus)
  • Vaginal cancer (of the vagina)
  • Vulvar cancer (of the vulva)

Gynecologic cancer treatments

Gynecologic cancers are most treatable when they are detected early. That is why our cancer care program includes advanced testing and diagnostics, to quickly identify the type of cancer you have and how we can treat it, nonsurgically or surgically.

Advanced gynecology surgery

Our gynecologic oncology team includes a surgeon who performs robotic and minimally invasive surgery. In these cases, patients are typically referred to us by their obstetrician gynecologist (OB/GYN) or primary care provider. Referred patients have generally undergone either a relevant biopsy or have completed an X-ray that may determine the need for surgery, further testing or other interventions.